Hello! Welcome to our site! My name is MaLisa Jessie. I am the head photographer. My daughter Skylar is also a photographer for this business. I am a part-time photographer but don't let that trick you into thinking I am not in it 110%! I do have a small indoor studio but I prefer shooting outside. 

​I am a mother of 5 great kids who totally have me wrapped around their fingers. My children are my inspiration and are the reason I began this adventure. When my kids were small I realized they were growing up far too fast. I was compelled to capture every possible moment on camera. I wanted to remember every facial expression, smirk, mischievous look and goofy moment. I find my heart and soul behind my camera and can't wait to capture your precious moments too!

We are an OPEN TO ALL business. We do not discriminate for any reason whatsoever.